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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 26, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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new this morning, oakland police say they have made one of their biggest marijuana raids yet. within the last two hours, it appear that is someone broke into the warehouse that was raided. i am christie smith, i am explain coming up in a live report. pg and a, managers knew one of their employees were spying on activists. >> and a live look at san jose. don't worry, clear skies, and a possible warm up. good morning, thanks being with us. >> the crimes keep coming at the scene of a pot bust in oakland
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this morning. >> hours after police raided a major marijuana operation, let's say, thieves arrived there to clean up. christ christie smith. >> reporter: it was a marijuana raid overnight in the last two hours, appears have to turned into a robbery. i will step aside. oakland police came to the warehouse overnight and tell us they seized 2000 marijuana plants. after they left, someone came back, moved the chair over to the window and broke n we have exclusive video this morning of leftover bags of stolen marijuana leaves, one officer, pulled up, saw three men running from a car, there were three bags of marijuana leaves in the
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car, and a stolen video monitor in that car. it appears someone used a car jack to prior open the security bars. the officers used smoke grenades, they said it is one of their biggest busts ever. seven guns, including assault rifles, and pit bulls here. the investigation had been going on for at least two months, some in the area said they smelled marijuana here before. and an officer told us they have had a break-in here before. even though the neighbors didn't want to speak on camera, the news travelled fast. >> i knew they were growing.
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>> i don't want them out there, around that. >> reporter: one of the suspects from overnight was getting a pizza, and came back to the scene and was arrested. police say they checked into it, and so far, there is nothing to suggest that this might be a medical marijuana operation. people who work in the area tell me they weren't totally surprised. one man who works in the area said that in the back of the warehouse, there is a unit that looks like an air conditioning unit or processing unit that goes into the top of the building. it hums all day, and the the size of a car. live in oakland, christie smith, bay area news. a family is facing repairs after their home is attacks by bullets. off olive avenue. a the lot of people were inside at the time of the shooting, we are happy to report that nobody
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was injured. officers did search a nearby hill, they ended up not finding anything. an autopsy will determine the identity of a man. there is some speculation if may be one of the missing crew members from the sail boat low speed chase. five people were swept overboard during an april 14th race. only one body has been recovered. authorities confirm it is a male and in the water for about two weeks. pg&e, cpuc reviewed that support from the managers, william devereau logged in to customers opposed to the meters.
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several managers and a member of the legal department actually knew what was happening and did nothing until the media got word. devrerau resigned back in 2010. >> the elementary schools will remain open until november. community members say it is important that crestmoore remain open. because students are still traumatized from the gas explosion. they want to use the money from pg&e to keep it open permanently. we are hearing that there are special guests to teach about the weather. >> i didn't hear what you said to me just now, i lost the feed for a second. what i can tell you is, we are
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out here, having a great time for education say. san jose giants have a back to back double header. it got rained out. we lost a weather bleen. are you excited about the big game? >> yeah! >> we almost got rained out. take it to your live doppler radar. everything left is light. the clouds are thick overhead. we may get caught up in a live shower or two. everywhere across the bay area, as we head over the remainder of the next few hours. we have a great looking weekend to talk about. freddie sanchez is out here, hopefully, we will get to talk to him. are you guys excited? >> yeah! >> back to you. >> adorable. >> that is great stuff.
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a dramatic twist for a couple of poets in palo alto. a store manager called police after spots t after, after confronting them, the manager decided to call the police. the students were not cited, they were reminded, they are on private property. police say the the work is not considered valid limp, because the chalk can be washed away. we are talking about graffiti. last year, the city laid off employees and out-sourced the program to save money. investigative reporters found
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that taxpayers are not getting exactly what they paid for. here is an exclusive. >> reporter: city records, 25,000 work orders, to see exactly how your money is being spent. how much did the company charge to remove the stickers. >> i am not an expert on square footage. >> we know this mail box is not 200 square feet. >> it is not what we paid for. >> does it make you mad? >> i am disgusted. >> if there is anything that you feel is inaccurate, i will be happy to follow up. >> that is supposed to be your
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job, not my job. >> they did catch up with the workers, they declined offered to set up an interview. she did say in e-mail, our company spot checks billings on a regular basis and have consistently found that the net result yields an under billing opposed to overbilling. how much graffiti they said they abated. why didn't the city catch this? hear the explanation. this is bob, the world most famous pizza deliverytruck, making a jump to the real world. we will take you live from 56ar,
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coming up.
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the oldest rail cars in the country could be nears the end of the line. staff asked the board of directors to approve a new fleet. they chose the firm labardier to build the new train cars. some say the new design isn't worth the price tag. >> i am not that impressed. it has plastic seats. >> facing criticism to awarding it to a canadian company. >> it said it will build here in the u.s. alstrom promised to build 95% of the trains here. the french bid was substantially
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more expensive. and the final vote is expected may tenth. >> a $250 million project is barrelling forward. ac transit, for a rapid city line. buses arrive every five minutes on the new nine-mile line. construction is set to begin in 2014. buses up and running by 2016. >> apparently, we have learned this one is andy's favorite place for dinner. >> some think that pizza planet is special, too, even if it only exists in the "toy story" movie. bob, good morning. >> reporter: anyone who has watched the pixar films would be familiar with the pizza planet
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shuttle, and animators decided that they would sneak it into every other single film. we are talking about the next "toy story" "toy story 3" "up." they got it in "brave" that comes out in june. they haven't told us how they will sneak a modern vehicle into that the one place it has never been has been pixar studios in the real 3-d. until today. parked here at the studios, are you looking at a running model of the pizza planet delivery shuttle, courtesy of these people here, and good morning to you. >> you grew up on the "toy
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story" franchise, why? >> one of the things we were struck with when the trailer "toy story 3" came out, we aged around the same time as andy did. >> you can't replicate a character,yet truck? >> the the toughest part was the rocket. trial and error, wanted it to light up properly. it does plug into the brake lights and turns on. >> the thing that struck me is that nobody in the state of california has chosen res1536. you were able to get the same tag? >> yes, all three, it it is the same license plate. it is 1538, we are not sure why.
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>> your goal was to get here and document it into a film. what kind of reaction have you gotten from the an mariettas? >> the an mariettas love it. -- the animattors love it. they are giving us thumbs up and driving off. there is a pizza planet truck. a lot of times, it is college students. they rush it. >> you are heading south on 880 for those in the bay area? >> we will going to take the 101 back. >> nice meeting, you road to if you want to learn more about the documentary. i don't know how you all fit in
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here, but thanks for being here. >> hopefully, get free pizza out of deal. >> how about this, apple wants to own its own restaurant. >> apple asked to tear down this vacant restaurant to make way for a new apple-employee only restaurant it. would serve them from off campus buildings with apple. this will not be open to the public when they build it. envivio, shares sank six percent, today, down again.
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not every ipo will be a jump. from linkedin, if you total up all the the traffic on the other mobile traffic, android, blackberry, 41 profiles are looks at every second of every day. they have one that is optmyselfed for the ipad, free in the app store. >> live at the san jose giants stadium. shy has fans with her. teaching them an important lessons. >> reporter: back to back games out here today. and rain delay is the reason y
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last night, rain forced them out. today, back to back double header. freddie sanchez is out here, along with all kinds of kinds from the south bay. we are learning about today is a perfect day to be out in the elements. we have improving conditions. we are noticing a few breaks in sun in san jose. moving along, your highs today, on the cool side. limiting sunshine. 60 in oakland. 59 in san francisco today. high pressure on the way. high pressure will bring back that gorgeous spring-like weather that we enjoy here in the bay area. tomorrows the 70s, mostly cloudy start, making way for weekend plans.
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we will jump up from 62 today, 72 on friday, 81 on saturday, and 83 degrees, great beach weather, baseball weather. i wanted to point out a very familiar face, mr. freddie sanchez, signing autographs for the many fans that get to watch your own christina lorren to throw out the first pitch. we are having a good time. i will bring you back to the youngsters, we have an anchor man in training. get the camera back over here. who are we sending it back to? me. >> john and marl a. >> i didig the mohawk. >> thank you, you guys, it will be a good time out here. throwing out the first pitch.
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come out and see the game. always great to keep the dollars local in san jose. enjoy great baseball today. >> good luck out there. >> she is signing as many autographs as the baseball stars. >> we will tell you what is keeping aubry huff off the ball field. >> we will show you the cute little guys expected to make a full recovery. hey guys, breakfast!
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now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first on the side. from honey nut cheerios to cinnamon toast crunch to lucky charms, get more whole grain than any other ingredient... without question. just look for the white check. we can tell you the mystery surrounding aubrey huff is over. his absence, due to anxiety disorder. he is on the 15-day disabled list, to receive treatment for his condition. bochy said he is seeing a
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specialist for his condition, and it will continue in san francisco. a certi a -- >> any who suffers from constant worrying, loss of concentration, sleep disturbance, that affects your daily living activities. >> for the record, huff is not the only major league baseball player to deal with this, dontrell willis, a pitcher for detroit, was diagnosed in 2009. a flock of baby ducks were rescued from a storm drain. and goslings were separated from their mother.
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it is expected to care for up to 200 local wild animals by the end of summer. >> you smile during the stories. >> i love the t little guys. >> have you called to switch us to anthem yet? honey, how can i call now,
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you can schedule an in home visit or get answers right over the phone. call anthem blue cross today at 1-877-230-6352. that's 1-877-230-6352. luck has nothing to do with the position that andrew luck is in today. >> the kid has skills. the former stanford quarterback will be the number one pick in tonight's nfl draft. luck will succeed peyton manning. >> and very cool. a the lot of money to go wherever he wants. >>
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